Custom Exhaust and Bending pipe

Custom Exhaust and Bending pipe is our oldest specialty custom exhaust

At Buds Muffler inc , Colorado Springs we've been bending pipe since the 1950s. Following patterns from the original equipment to custom bending out of our experience. We use the best bender built that leaves only a small shoe mark for more performance and a stronger pipe. We can bend from 1 1/4" to 3". We stock all sizes up to 6" with bend and connectors for larger trucks or industrial situations. And since our main supplier is located in Denver we carry a very extensive supply of hardware hangers and gaskets to get the job done in one visit.

Custom Exhaust | Bud's Muffler Inc.

Buds Muffler Inc also specializes in repairing exhaust manifolds by machining them flat again in house and reinstalling them with fresh gaskets. Along with resealing exhaust manifolds we also socialize in removing broken bolts and exhaust studs from the engine.